Supermodel + Supercar = SI Swimsuit Issue Ad


Out of the mouth of babes. And we don't mean the kind that wear diapers. No. Rather the kind that wear tiny little bikinis and prance around a hanger while a Lexus LFA Supercar drifts around her. The babe in question is Dutch supermodel Rianne ten Haken and of her experience with the Lexus supercar, she said, "I think the car just sounds like testosterone. Like, full on, like, strong power. It moves so quickly that I didn't even realize what was going on and it was just like the energy around me totally changed."

Just. So. Intellectual.

Anyway, the whole thing was a photo shoot for a four page Lexus spread in today's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. TeamOne Creative is the agency behind the work.

Catch another glimpse of Haken here. After all, who really cares about the car?

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy