Old Spice Guy Travels to Fiji


As is true with movies, art and any other form of creativity, a classic can never really be re-invented. Oh it's not that they aren't continuously re-invented . It's just that when they are, the results is usually much less than stellar and a sad knock off of the original.

We wouldn't entirely say Wieden + Kennedy's continued work for Old Spice was heading down that path but, really, has any of the agency's work for the brand been as inventive and as inspiring as the original? We think not. But we aren't necessarily complaining either. Why?

Because an original will always be an original and follow on work will always be follow on. It's just the way of things. And, as with all campaigns, they continue until something better comes along...or the brand gets a new CMO who promptly fires the ad agency and hires a new one.

Since that's not the case here with Old Spice and Weiden + Kennedy, it seems we'll be seeing Isaiah Mustafa a bit longer. Mustafa can be seen in a new :15 which highlights the brand's Fresh Collection line of deodorant, body spray and body wash.

Enjoy him while he lasts.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 7-11   Click to Comment   
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