Three Olives Walk Into A Bar


A new campaign for Three Olives Vodka from M&C Saatchi LA settles upon the age old opening line of the classic "three guys walk into a bar..." joke. Each of the three commercials are animated and eschew the usual upscaling approach to advertising.

Explaining the campaign's approach, Proximo (parent company to Three Olives) Senior Vice President of Marketing Elwyn Gladstone said, "It seems that all the fun has been taken out of vodka with virtually all brands scrambling for the same crowded, so-called 'luxury' positioning. The Three Olives brand is set apart from that stuffy niche because while we're seriously premium, we're also seriously fun."

Well said and these spots are, indeed, fun. Our favorite is Three Sugar Daddies Walk Into a Bar. Why? Because we love twisted humor like that.

The campaign, which will include a total of six spots, will break March 28 on various cable networks. British artist and illustrator Ant Blades from Bird Box Studios animated the spots.

Commenting on the approach the agency took, M&C Saatchi Creative Director James Bray said, "We found a way to differentiate Three Olives Vodka by taking one of the most classic joke set-ups in the world by tying it into the product in a simple and fun way. Fun being the key. Advertising for many vodka brands is stuffy and overly sophisticated. So instead of trying so hard to be cool, Three Olives Vodka is approachable and timeless."

by Steve Hall    Mar-29-11   Click to Comment   
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