Old Spice Introduces Danger Zone Man


It's the same very time. No matter how successful. No matter how well received. At one point or another, someone at the agency or the brand says, "It's time for a new spokesperson" and poof, there it is; a new spokesperson. Seems that's what going on over at Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy with the introduction of Danger Zone Man to tout the brand's Danger Zone deodorant.

Of course this doesn't really mean Isiah Mustafa is out of the picture. This new guy was brought in to...ahem...spice things up a bit for the new product. And his work is airing outside the US market

The writing is whip sharp and the commercial's effects, which are very well done come via The Mill. The work keeps the kitschy approach the brand adopted over a year ago (and even longer if you include the Bruce Campbell stuff) and we think this is a nice progression for the brand.

by Steve Hall    Apr-20-11   Click to Comment