Blogworld Small But Filled With Valuable Content


This year, Blogworld and New Media Expo has moved from one show per year in Las Vegas to two shows, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. This week, Blog World East is taking place in New York at the Javits Center. It's a much smaller show than the Vegas version but there is still great content and the same great wonderful people with whom to network.

The jist of the show, of course, is social media and the various panels have explored just what that means to the various participants in the space; brands, agencies, merchants, bloggers, publishers and...even Century 21 which was the lone real estate exhibitor on the floor.And speaking of the exhibit hall floor, is was much smaller than previous years but we're glad we took a stroll through it. Had we not, we would have missed Webdoc's booth.

Webdoc is an amazingly simple, drag and drop publishing interface that allows bloggers, publishers and anyone interested in gathering together and easily publishing content. Webdoc is a browser add on with an interface that allows the user to easily drag content onto a page, move things around, add text, pictures, video...basically anything embeddable and publish out to a blog, Facebook, Twitter and numerous other places. We love it and you might see it in action here on Adrants. But forget about us. Any brand interested in publishing content to the web - and all of you are, right - should be interested in Webdoc.

We'll have lots of pictures and more on the conference soon but, for now, if you want a concise round up of the first two days of the conference, be sure to read Lisa Barone's round up of day one and day two over at Outspoken media.

by Steve Hall    May-26-11   Click to Comment   
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