Campaign Predicts End of the World


We're confused. We thought the world was going to end in 2012. Now we're being told we have one less year to live. A preacher, Harold Camping, who once predicted the world would end in 1994 but is convinced he's right this time, is predicting the world will end May 21, 2011.

Camping and his believers have raised millions to spend on an advertising campaign warning people the end is coming. The organization has purchased billboards all around the world.

How will the world end? We are told it will come via an earthquake which will begin at the international date line and work its way around the globe.

Well, there you have it. You have exactly 16 days to get your life in order before it's over. Well...what are you still doing here reading Adrants? Get moving!

by Steve Hall    May- 5-11   Click to Comment   
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