Fashion Brand Uses X-Rated Video to Hype Menswear Line


Writing in Forbes, Susannah Breslin takes a look at a fashion brand which incorporated porn into its advertising. Mugler's Brothers of Arcadia line of clothing debuted with a graphic 14 page brochure and an x-rated video hosted on porn site XTube. The book was created by Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti who is also Lady Gaga's fashion director. The film was created by Branislav Jankic

Here's (and below) a work safe version of the video. Describing the x-rated version of the video, Breslin writes, "While house music thuds dully in the background, the men proceed to dump a large quantity of what looks like champagne on a kneeling woman. Footage of two lions fighting for dominance is intercut with graphic footage of a man masturbating. A couple writhes on a bed. A man lingers over an X-rated magazine. What looks like milk runs down a woman's exposed breasts."

Breslin also points out the use of sex and porn in advertising isn't pure folly. It's a calculated strategy that, many times, does end with tangible results. In the case of Mugler, the brand achieves $280 million in sales annualy and a new fragrance line, Womanity, is expected to bring in another $80 million.

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11   Click to Comment   
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