Ladies, Drew Will Add 'Double Whoa' to Your Boobs


American Eagle Outfitters is the place you shop for baggy cargo shorts, rugby/polo-style short sleeved shirts or a nice sundress. A nice combination of preppy meets ripped, baggy jeans for the younger set. In 2006, though, someone at AE noticed many young girls didn't want to look so young (or preppy) any more and aerie was born. If you're unfamiliar, aerie is the place 15 year old girls go to buy lingerie so they can seduce 25 year old guys into taking them out on dates.

Coupling that parents' nightmare with the seemingly long-held belief a girl's breasts can never be too big, aerie would like the ladies to meet Drew, a new push up bra that can add two cup sizes and insure they get a "double whoa" when all the boys leer at their suddenly cavernous cleavage.

To tout the launch, aerie is out with a commercial featuring a decidedly cute, subtly sexy, auburn-haired beauty with eye-popping cleavage. And just to make sure the whole thing doesn't travel too far into lustful Victoria's Secret territory, our delectably delicious Drew girl has been surrounded by flowers because, well, somehow all those flowers supposedly scream innocence.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Racy