Ponies Power, Cleavage Covered, Girl Serenaded


- A Brazilian commercial for Nissan Frontier features a vehicle powered by little ponies under the hood. The video has achieved over 3 million views since it was posted July 29.

- Two Muslim teens have been arrested for spray painting burkas over Lynx posters. The teens felt busty model Kelly Brook was exposing too much flesh.

- Who knew playing the ukelele could get you the girl?

- Contagious LA is digging deep into the mystery of Conelius Trunchpole, the self-proclaimed "god of advertising."

- Eager, would be advertising professional, Kate Diglio grabbed the attention of Wieden + Kennedy with a spoof of the agency's WK+12 site with the goal of getting the agency to accept her into the school.

- Eminem and Audi have reached a settlement following the performer's complaint Audo used a song in a promotional video for the brand's Avant A6 he claimed sounded and looked too similar to his "Lose Yourself" which was featured in Chrysler's Imported from Detroit commercial.

- Paranoid US just shot a psychahdelic spot for Ray Ban called Flip Out in collaboration with a hands-on kaleidoscope experience in NYC to launch the new "Flip Out" sunglasses.

- P&G is the exclusive sponsor of Federated Media's new DailyBuzz Style and will highlight their Cover Girl, Olay and Pantene brands.

- Wouldn't it be cool if you could crack a combination, use lasers to blast open a safe containing a Samsung Series 9 notebook, and carry off $10,000 in solid gold? OK, and not get arrested? Enter Tweetcracker.

- This is pretty cool.

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