Velveeta Does Hamburger Helper


Apart from the product's similarities to Hamburger Helper and the commercial's similarities to the Old Spice campaign, we guess Wieden + Kennedy has put an acceptable new spin on selling people Liquid Coronary...uh...excuse us...Liquid Gold, otherwise known as Velveeta cheese.

In these new commercials, which pimp Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, we have a blacksmith type, played by Lost character David S. Lee, which WK has borrowed heavily from the Isiah Mustafa Old Spice character to create. The man is all knowing when it comes to the fine art of creating easy-to-prepare, horribly unhealthy meals lazy parents can serve their families.

Health issues aside, the commercials are filled with witticisms including "Reject these cold technological contraptions. Would you want the shoes of your horse forged in a microwave? Your stove. Use it." and "I see you have found me on the book of face."

We do like the campaign's tagline, "Wield the skillet. Forge the family dinner." Nicely gets to the point and, along with the well-written verbiage, does a great job masking the fact you're serving your family liquid chemicals.

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Creative Commentary, Strange