Taman Whisky Bluntly and Brilliantly Mixes Messaging


Well now. Here's a "liquor ad' that takes an unexpected turn. We've seen many alcohol brands - out of public and political pressure, of course - urge people not to abuse alcohol in a way that results in harm to oneself or to others. But we've never seen a brand do it so honestly and abruptly in the middle of a commercial that lulls you into the beauty and elegance of the brand.

The ad calls attention to the fact one in five parents in Sweden drink too much causing their children to suffer, eight out of ten acts of violence in public places are alcohol related and more than 325,000 Swedes are addicted to alcohol. It's just a good thing that the country has rehab centers where alcohol Addicts can get help from when they need it.

And in a twist on it's own tagline, the commercial closes asking, "How smooth is that?"

We love the ads honesty. We love its fearless deliverance of a sales and safety message all in one. We love the blunt, sudden, mid-commercial shift from the sales message to the safety message. And we love the fact it tricked us into thinking Taman was an actual liquor brand.

by Steve Hall    Nov-16-11   Click to Comment   
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