Agency's 'Cool' Holiday Card A Yawn-Worthy Snoozer


So when we receive what's billed as the "coolest Christmas card of the year," we expect something, well, pretty cool. Sadly, we only received "sort of cool" or "far from cool." It's a video. Yawn. It's a song. Yawn. It's from an ad agency. Yawn. It's one of those all text deals. Yawn. It focuses on social media. Yawn. It's for a charity. Yawn. OK, that's always worthy. It's about Santa. Yawn. It bills itself as the coolest Christmas card of the year. Double yawn (for calling yourself cool and...OMG... offending people by saying Christmas instead of Holiday). It's three minutes long! ZZZZzzzzz......

It's one redeeming quality is the stab it takes at Google+ with the lyric, "I also joined Google+ but I think that one's a bust." Anyway, give it a watch. Maybe we're just in a bad mood and you'll love it. We still love you, MGH! Especially the work you did for Marco's Pizza.

by Steve Hall    Dec-19-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies