How to Use Lebron James to Further Your Social Media Campaign


Leveraging his celebrity and apparent desire to become a creative director, LeBron James, NBA great and founder of Sheets Energy Strips, has launched a Doritos Crash the Super Bowl-style social media campaign which encourages people to make their own Sheets commercial.

Convincing everyone that, well, anyone could do a better job at creating a commercial than himself, James has debuted his own commercial for Sheets. It's bad in a comically bad way. But that's what this contest is all about. Encouraging people to create something much better than LeBron did.

Beginning today, entrants will have 45 days to submit their creative take on Sheets' ad campaign through the Sheets Facebook page and the winning commercial will have their spot aired on national television and in movie theaters nationwide in 2012.

After 45 days, the tops six spots as determined by Likes will be featured on the Brand's Facebook page with the winning spot selected by James and his panel of judges.

Get crackin' people!

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-11   Click to Comment   
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