Top Ten Tips For Creating A Lame Ass 'Viral' Campaign


Tips and tricks for creating yet another lame "viral campaign."

1. Make sure you shake the camera when filming as if you were having a seizure. Because everyone knows only professional camera operators can hold a camera still.

2. Make sure you employ painfully contrived situations such as two female friends who are far too old to actually be caught dead on camera singing, "Don't you wish you were hot like me?"

3. Make sure you feign fear and incessantly zoom in and out on a mundane "clue."

4. Always type "WTF?!?!?" in the description of your video.

5. Hire a grandfatherly figure to lend some levity and calm to the stunt because, hey, grandpa never lies.

6. Always, always, always include security cam footage.

7. Use Cloverfield-style, friends-out-drunk/partying footage that suddenly reveals something monstrous.

8. "Unexplained sightings" in the form of short, mobile phone footage always helps too.

9. When creating your "reveal" video, always include a beating heart sound effect, quick cuts of all the "clue" videos, a scary looking circus, a "Badly mutilated dog," a plethora of tweets, retweets, Facebook posts and YouTube comments and a behind the scenes explanation of all the stunts.

10. Always title your "reveal" video "The Truth!"

Bonus tip:

11. make sure the link between the "viral" and the sponsoring brand is totally irrelevant.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Viral