Top Tens Tips For Creating Sexually Gratuitous Ads


OK. Here's your racy ad for the day and the top ten tips you should be aware of if you plan to employ your own "sex sells" strategy in your next campaign. This particular campaign employs the perfect combination of bikinis and board.

1. Gratuitous, slow motion close up shots of gyrating booty in a bikini.

2. Playful undressing that teases.

3. Bikini clad babes lounging while watching their boys to their thing.

4. A woman expelling liquid from her mouth.

5. A woman sucking on a straw.

6. Use of the words "wider" and stiffer."

7. Shots of a woman slowly unzipping her short shorts.

8. A woman adjusting her bikini bottom. (The wedge pick strategy)

9. Women modeling the product while modeling themselves.

10. And most important, the handling of the product as if it were a phallic symbol.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy