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New Reality Show to Offer Junior Art Director Jobs


So Mark Burnett is working on a new show which will air on one of the four major networks. It's called The Job and it's a bit like The Apprentice expect for advertising. No, it's not that other show, The Pitch, which was having trouble getting agencies to participate. Which makes perfect sense. Given the show's concept, what agency in their right mind woud want to risk having an Agency.com Subway pitch-style disaster on national television? But don't worry. This show is different. It aims to offer up a Junior Art Director position at a major ad agency to the winner.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Agencies, Television

Erox Fragrance Will Get You Girls with Bigger Boobs


Reality star and former America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry comes to the rescue of scrawny men who, like those classic Charles Atlas body building cartoon ads of yesteryear, always get their girl stolen by the boxheaded bully. But Curry has a good heart and a soft spot for scrawny geeks. That or she's getting a lot of money to fake it while wearing a super hot angel outfit complete with the requisite cleavage-enhancing, plunging neckline and, yes, wings.

The fragrance was recently launched on social network CrowdGather and contains a combination of pheromones which is said to have been clinically proven to increase feelings of arousal, excitement, social warmth and friendliness in both men and women. Yup, that's all we need. A bunch of guys on the beach running around with uncontrollable erections.

Curry will serve as the official face of Erox for upcoming social media and online advertising campaigns which will include a series of videos and comic strip parodies that poke fun at mainstream culture, characters, and events.

See Adrianne in all her angelic glory below.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    

Coke Polar Bears to React in Real Time to Super Bowl


Hoping to leverage the 60 percent or so of people who will be tweeting, Facebooking Google+'ing and just about every other form of 'ing you can think of, Coke, with help from Wieden + Kennedy and 360i, will launch CokePolarBowl, a site featuring two polar bears who will react in real time to the game and the ads. It's yet another example of the growing social TV trend.

One bear will be a Patriots fan. Another, a Giants fan. Controlled by a couple people at W+K, each bear will react accordingly as the game progresses.

This live reaction strategy will be applied to one of the spots, Catch. which will air during the game. Depending upon who is wining, a different bear will be featured in the ad.

Check out more on this story over at Mashable.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Clients Think Account Executives Are Just Bimbos With Big Boobs


Here is yet another one of those perception pieces that takes a look at how advertising people see each other. According to this graphic, planners think they are Steve Jobs. Creatives think they are artists. Clients think they are the messiah. And account executives think they are as cute as a Barbie Doll.

But planners think creatives are a bunch of babies. Account executives think the client is the devil. Creatives think planners are donkeys. And the client thinks all account executives are hotties with huge tits bursting out of a low cut top.

Let the stereotype debates begin.

by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Agencies

Dogs Sing Happy Birthday to Dogbook


So Facebook app, Dogbook, created by Lowe Roche founder Roche and his son, Alexandre Roche, about dogs and the people who love them, has undergone a redesign.">Dogbook, created by Lowe Roche founder Roche and his son, Alexandre Roche, about dogs and the people who love them, has undergone a redesign. The update brings some Timeline-like functionality to the site. Additionally, members will now receive birthday alerts which brands can sponsor to get their message to the site's 6,000 daily users. Later this year, Dogbook will roll out a Horoscopes feature and a Memories section for dogs that have passed away. And finally, the site will bump up the adoption section, giving members the option of becoming involved in charitable efforts.

To hype all of this, Poolhouse produced a video that features a collection of dogs singing happy birthday. It's not the VW Dogs singing Star Wars but it's amusing enough.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Social

Cars.com 'Confidence Appendage' Helps Man Buy Car


This is good for a laugh, albeit it a strange one. Cars.com is out with its DDB Chicago-created Super Bowl ad and it's all about confidence. Confidence in the form of...a singing head that comes out of a guy's back while he's deciding whether or not to buy a car. This one will cause people to put down the Doritos and cheese wiz at least for thirty seconds.

The ad will include a promotion to tag the commercial using Shazam which will trigger the donation of $1 to one of seven charities. Charities can be seletcted following the game on the Cars.com Facebook page through Feb. 13.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Strange, Super Bowl 2012

ContactComplete to Make Connecting With Ad Industry Contacts Easier


Are you a media buyer who needs to know who at Conde Nast Digital handles sales for Hotel Chatter or Golf Digest? Are you a sales rep who would love to be able to make just one phone call directly to the media buyer at Saatchi who handles the account you are trying to pitch? Are you a brand marketer who is frustrated because you can't find the right person at TBWA\Chiat\Day to speak with about giving a capabilities pitch to your boss two days from now?

ContactComplete is a community of advertising sales, marketing and business development professionals who pool contacts to find new leads and keep track of existing clients.

It's a crowdsourcing approach to business contact management the company likes to call groupsourcing which can be described as the wisdom of your industry peers vs the wisdom of the crowd. Like crowdsourcing, where information and content are contributed and maintained by the crowd, groupsourcing draws on circles of colleagues or business associates for content and information that is more relevant to those involved.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Tools

Endless Supply of Megan Fox Promised to English Speaking Brazilians


This is too weird to pass over. It's been floating around for a few days. And it features Megan Fox! How could we not feature, well, just about any ad that Megan Fox touches. She was way hotter in the first Transformers movie but still. Anyway, in this ad for CCCAA, a Brazilian school that teaches English, two guys are shipwrecked and they end up on an island populated by hundreds of Megan Foxes.

Any man's heaven, right? Well, as these two quickly find out, the Foxes, who apparently have been waiting a very long time for a man to show up, want men who can speak English. These two can't and they are quickly banished to another island. One populated by far less sexy Mike Tyson clones. Now that's a prison.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

Bank's Super Bowl Ad to Urge Bathroom Break


To illustrate just how much it cares about customer service, FirstBank will urge Super Bowl viewers - at least in Colorado - to take a bathroom break. The spot, created by TDA_Boulder, features a man in a recliner informing viewers, "At FirstBank, customer service is our priority. So if you're a FirstBank customer worried about missing one of the exciting commercials, or the game time, now would be a great time to go to the bathroom." The there is a long pause. And then he says, "Seriously." And then there's another long pause. The ad closes with a tag that reads, "Better customer service."

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Shayk Sheds Top, Teese Teases Again, Timberlake Golfs


- Russian model Irina Shayk sheds her top for a new Replay Jeans campaign.

- Dita Von Teese is teasing again. This time for Target Australia which is launching a new line of lingerie.

- Asics, which used air blown ping pong balls to create a sneaker has now moved on to balloons.
- Skechers, after parting ways with Kim Kardashian for this year's Super Boiwl has decided to, instead...hire a dog.

- This is awesome. Put all kinds of different things in a microwave and film them blowing up all to suggest eating at Moe's Southwest Grill is a much better place to get your food.

- Amazing new Italian commercial for Fiat.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

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