Shayk Sheds Top, Teese Teases Again, Timberlake Golfs


- Russian model Irina Shayk sheds her top for a new Replay Jeans campaign.

- Dita Von Teese is teasing again. This time for Target Australia which is launching a new line of lingerie.

- Asics, which used air blown ping pong balls to create a sneaker has now moved on to balloons.
- Skechers, after parting ways with Kim Kardashian for this year's Super Boiwl has decided to, instead...hire a dog.

- This is awesome. Put all kinds of different things in a microwave and film them blowing up all to suggest eating at Moe's Southwest Grill is a much better place to get your food.

- Amazing new Italian commercial for Fiat.

- Be sure you look at these four hilarious takes on potential Presidential ad campaigns for Romney and Obama.

- Here's that quirky new campaign for Wilson from Wexley School for Girls. Great stuff.

- Hulu's Ad Zone is up and running. Watch some of the best ads from past years and see all the new ones come game day.

- Justin Timberlake has hooked up with Callaway Golf for a new ad campaign.

- Following last year's "your rack is unreal" commercial with Faith Hill, Teleflora has hired another hottie for this year's event; Adriana Lima.

- Love the new Audi Quattro commercial.

- Running, running, running. Everyone's running for Adidas.

by Steve Hall    Jan-25-12   Click to Comment   
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