Danon to Air First Ever Yogurt Commercial During Super Bowl


Called The Tease, this Danon Oikos Super Bowl commercial features John Stamos and Jessica Blackmore. In the ad Blackmore feeds Stamos some yogurt. But when it's Stamos' turn to feed Blackmore, he becomes a tease making Blackhorn work hard for her bite of Oikos. This being a Super Bowl ad, it's got an ending that, perhaps, won't surprise you. Although if we were John Stamos sitting across the table from Jessica Blackmore, we'd certainly want it to end differently.

Jessica Blackmore has made Who Is That Hot Ad Girl status. You can read all about her here and, yes, see her in her underwear. And at 5' 8" and 116 pounds, she's definitely a stunner. Stamos, 49, should be quite happy he's still qualified to appear in an ad as "significant other" to a woman half his age. Blackmore is 25.

Reportedly, this will be the first yogurt ad ever to air during a Super Bowl. And with perhaps another first, the commercial was directed by 21 year old Remy Neymarc, said to possibly be the youngest person to have ever directed a Super Bowl commercial.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-12   Click to Comment   
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