Samsung Helps Prevent Adrants From Becoming A Traumatized School Girl


Tease, tease, tease. Or reverse tease. It's the theme this year when it comes to the release of Super Bowl commercials in advance of the game. If a brand hasn't already released the full version of their ad - about 15 have - then they've either released a teaser or - a new strategy this year - a long form version of what they plan to air.

Samsung, which plans to air a :90 touting the Galaxy Note in the game has released a :45 teaser to build anticipation. The spot follows Samgsung's current strategy of poking fun at iPhone/iPad-loving hipsters waiting in line for the next greatest Apple release. In the spot, after focusing on the lament those have in line for the new device they were hoping was going to be cooler than it is, one hipster says, "Woah, woah, woah, woah," and points towards what will certainly be some hot chick or another hipster holding the new Galaxy Note.

Pretty soon we'll all have it like Bob Garfield always did come Super Bowl time. Brands would agree to send Ad Age what they had planned to air during the game early so Bob could review them all and then publish his thoughts the second the game was over while the rest of us were left watching the actual game to see the ads. My how times have changed.

Just what will we do during the game if we've already seen all the ads? OMG! We might actually be able to enjoy the game and have a few beers with friends instead of madly writing, tweeting, liking, plusing and texting for three hours straight like a traumatized school girl who just found out the guy she likes talked to her best friend!

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2012