Conference Candy Heats Up SXSW Exhibit Hall


OK now that we've finished all that serious panel coverage for the day, we thought it would be nice to take a break and stroll through the exhibit hall to see what we could find. Of course there's all the usual tech and social media companies pimping their latest app but what's really important to note is which company has the hottest booth babes. Why? Because no one else does it, it's fun and we're just a wise ass little shit ad blog that does whatever it wants whenever it feels like it. Onward...

Remember. This is all in good fun.


Why yes, in fact, we'd love to network.


Those see through tops did a great job distracting from the elevator speech


They were pink last year. This year they are blue


No idea what this company does but we love how they play dress up

by Steve Hall    Mar-13-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events, Racy