Fast Driving, Not Sweaty Cleavage, Gets Ad Banned


Well here's a first. An Australian Suziki Swift Sport ad was banned not because it showed some hot chick's sweaty cleavage but because...wait for promoted "reckless or unsafe driving." Really? How...oddly logical.

The ad in question has a couple racing through a parking garage in the Suzuki. Apparently, the car is so hot, it causes the fire sprinklers to go off and, of course, allow for a gratuitous shot of sweaty boob cleavage.

Oh and of the woman and the white mini-dress she wears in the commercial, Australia's ASB had this to say, "Whilst it is not necessary for the woman to be wearing a low-cut dress, the dress is not inappropriate attire for a woman."

Not necessary? Are you kidding? Don't you know that sex sells? Boobs sell? Cleavage sells? Low cut mini-dresses sell? Long legs and high heels? Where have you been, Australia?

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Policy, Racy