Samsung Thought to be Behind 'Wake Up' Protest


A YouTube video from Blunty captured a potest a few days ago outside an Apple store in Sydney, Australia. A black bus with "Wak Up" written on the side pulled up and out poured a group of black-clad protesters with signs which read, "Wake Up." The protesters proceeded to stand in front of the Apple store and shout "wake up!"

Australian site Mumbrella belives the protest to be part of a campaign created by Tongue for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3. A website, is counting down to what is calculated to be May 3, the day Samsung will host a launch event in London for the new phone.

In addition to the store protest, the words "wake up" were painted on the bottom of the pool at Sydney sports club Bondi Icebergs. And billboards with the words "wake up" have been spotted as well. And a video released April 23 likens non-Samsung phone owners to a pack of sheep.

UPDATE: In actuality, it was RIM (Blackberry) that was behind the stunt in an attempt to call attention to the launch of their new operating system.


by Steve Hall    Apr-26-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla