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IAB to Host Mobile Forum at Cannes Lions


The IAB and its IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence will chair a first-ever all-day forum devoted to the topic of Creativity in Mobile Advertising during Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

On Tuesday, June 19, IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg will lead the day's series of panels - six sessions in all, including a final roundtable that will spotlight The IAB Creative Showcase: Secrets of the Mobile Superstars. On stage discussion during this session will feature Colleen DeCourcy of Socialistic, Thomas Fellger of Iconmobile, and Per Holmkvist of Mobiento. They will share examples of the best mobile creative, and offer insights on how to take advantage of opportunities in mobile.

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Mobile/Wireless

Shooting Arrows Form ASICS Logo on Truck


Now this is kind of cool. Along the lins of that popping balloon stunt, ASICS, with help from Vitro, is out with a stunt featuring American marathon runner Ryan Hall. In the video, Hall steps on pads that launch arrows at a passing truck. The result is the ASICS logo on the side of the truck. Not bad.

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Who is Susan Glenn?


A post on buzzfeed entitled, Dudes Failing to Get Their Susan Glenn In 11 Gifs, contains animated gifs of epic fails guys make as they try to impress their girl. A link in the description leads to My Susan Glenn. In the Facebook group Suxorz, a group that collects epic social media failures, BlogAds Founder Henry Copeland wonders whether or not this is just "a lame seeding for some movie... or just the first of some supersmart social campaign?"

A link from My Susan Glen leads to a definition of Susan Glenn on Online Slang Dictionary. One of the definitions is "A hokey attempt at marketing a movie. Possibly one starring Zooey Deschanel."

We wonder too, Henry. It could be interesting. Or it could simply be another epic fail you discuss during your next Suxorz panel.

UPDATE: Susan Glenn revealed.

by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Social, Viral

Many Cookies Tossed in This Robotripping PSA


Here's a PSA you might not want to watch during lunch. It calls attention to robotripping or the overuse of cough medicine, specifically the ingredient dexotromethorpan which can cause liver failure, cardiovascular effects and, well, nausea.

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Cause

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Doctor John's Lingerie Model Shares Pain Over Billboard Reaction


You may recall the tempest in a teacup that erupted over a Doctor John's Lingerie & Novelty Boutique billboard that appeared in Ogden Utah a while back. It seems the board offended many. So much so that the model on the billboard, Tabitha Contreras, 31-year-old mother of four and her children started feeling the pain.

A model since she was a teen, Contreras told Salt Lake City ABC 4, "I was an outcast, I wasn't welcome and everyone let me know I wasn't welcome. I felt bad that I offended people because I didn't think there was that much skin showing. My first wake up call was, I had my 13-year-old daughter come home and say people at school are saying, 'you're a porn star,' and so of course I was like, 'oh my gosh, what am I doing?'"

The board was taken down a few weeks ago but the pain Contreras feels still lingers.

You can argue this one both ways. Objectifying women to sell stuff, perhaps bad. Women just trying to make a living, not so bad. Watch the video. What are your thoughts?

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Racy, Video

Want Bigger Boobs? Credit Union Will Finance Your Breast Enhancement


A mailer sent by the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union carries the headline, "Got Big Plans?", next to the image of a woman with breasts bulging out of her tight top. Copy includes, Preparing for a life change can be overwhelming...you have to live through it and you have to figure out how to afford it...that's where we come in. U.S. Senate FCU is here to help. We can propose products and services to assist you with financing everything big and small."

Of course the ad spawned a petition, outrage and an apology from the credit union. Pretty typical for just about any ad foisting boobs in your face because, you know, boobs are bad. And the bigger they are, it seems, the badder they are. All we can conclude here is that, when it comes to breasts, size really does matter.

by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Racy

Women Never Forget Their Special Days


When it comes to anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day or any other day when they feel the need to be celebrated, women never, EVER forget. So as men, it is our job never to forget as well. Because if we do, we are likely to experience what this gentleman goes through in this flowers.nl video.

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Video

Agencies Continue to Embarrass With Self Promomotional Videos


To be clear, we bear no ill will towards any agency's attempt to self promote. OK, that's not exactly true. Why? Because when agencies decide to self-promote, the results are often disastrous. See Agency.com. See SapientNitro. See Bold Ogilvy. And the list goes on.

Part of the problem in these situations, of course, is that agencies are under increased scrutiny because they are expected to be even more creative when they are unencumbered by client involvement. But, if history is any guide, client involvement just might not be such a bad thing after all when it comes to agency self-promotion.

The other part of the problem is that we, as an industry, can't help help but trash the competition every chance we get. The moral of the story, then, is that no matter what sort of self-promotion an agency does, it's likely to be met with sarcasm, snark, cynicism and mockery.

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Agencies, Bad

Couples Teaches Cambodian Kids to Say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


So a couple in UK, Mathieu Cuvelier and Lucy Crook, decided they needed to travel the world (where do people get the money and time to just up and leave like this?) and one of their stops was a rural Cambodian school where they spent three weeks volunteering as English teachers. So what was their big achievement in that three week period? Apparently, monumental. They taught the kids how to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Great. Hopefully, they taught them some more useful English words too.

Of course, this being a "seeded" video, it's all for a cause. Cuvelier and Crook are calling attention to the non-profit About Asia Schools, an organization that aims to "provide fair and regular employment to local guides and to benefit the most needy children of Cambodia."

Cuvelier and Cook have a blog ('natch) on which you can read about their experinces in Cambodia and elswhere.

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Cause

Slim Jim Darts It Up, Lurzer's Archive Protected


- If you leave your keys in the car after a bout of skinny dipping, Chevy Sonic has your back. Well, as long as you have cell phone service.

- Montreal-based Kamik Footwear has selected Boston-based Allen & Gerritsen as its advertising and public relations agency of record.

- Male-focused Pinterest, Dartitup, has partnered with Slim Jim for a series of challenge games.

- Are you a fan of Fallings Skies? Then check out this new work from Digital Kitchen, Today We Fight.

- Lurzer's Archive thinks they have come up with a way to stop people from stealing copies.

- Some craziness for MTV Brazil.

by Steve Hall    May-30-12    
Topic: Commercials

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