With Ad Spoof, Group Protests T-Mobile's Call Center Closings


This ad could have been so much sexier. Really, it's just silly but it does make a point; at least at those who believe shipping jobs overseas (because it's more cost effective) isn't an acceptable method of doing business. In a global economy, one could debate that stance but, at the same time, no one want so lose their job.

This work, from The Communications Workers of America, mirrors the recent T-Mobile "bad girl" ad and protests T-Mobile's decision to close seven U.S. call centers and layoff 3,300 workers.

In the ad, we see a Carly Foulkes look-a-like (ok, hardly but it's not easy finding someone as hot as Carly) getting fired and, as in the original ad, rummaging through her closet to find some "bad girl" attire.

by Steve Hall    May-23-12   Click to Comment   
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