Cannes-Worthy Epic, 'The Drop,' Pits Perrier Against the Sun


It's like Melancholia but with a little feminine Buck Rogers thrown in. Remarkable new work from Ogilvy Paris for Perrier features a French woman, Earth's last hope, who boards a space craft and heads towards an over-heated sun to save the planet from certain doom. Called The Drop, that's all it takes to get the raging sun to back off and allow the planet to live on.

Upon arrival at the sun, the woman who, apparently, can't resist what may be the last bottle of Perrier in existence hesitates before offering the sun what would be Earth's savior. Torn between saving the Earth or enjoying what is obviously the most refreshing drink known to mankind, she caves and consumes the entire contents of the bottle while standing on a plank as the sun rages on destined to engulf the earth.

Thankfully, she comes to her senses, in a way, and flicks a drop of water in the sun's direction, all it needs to calm itself and, thus, eliminate the danger it presents to civilization.

Generally we're not a fan of these over-produced spectacles but this work really, ahem, shines. It's beautiful. It's mystical. It's engaging. And it's a bit epic we must say. Cannes next year?

While the mood of the work reminds us of the film Melancholia, Ogilvy Paris Chief Creative Officer Chris Garbutt says the work, a mix of over stated luxury and science fiction, was inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odessey along with French cinematographic history.

The two minute film was shot over the course of a week in Buenos Aires followed by several months of post production work which included collaboration with visual effects house Mikros and music firm Grabuge Company.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-12   Click to Comment   
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