Group Calls For Reverse of Abortion Coverage Ban on Raped Servicewomen


Stand With Servicewomen, a coalition of retired military leaders and veterans, have launched a new ad campaign. The ads target a ban on servicewomen using their insurance to pay for abortion services if they become pregnant as the result of rape.

Today, the groups released a second ad, "Honor" featuring Lt. Gen. Robert Gard, a three-star general and 31-year Army veteran. In the 30-second spot, Lt. Gen Gard strongly advocates for lifting the ban on behalf of our nation's servicewomen saying, "Over 250,000 women have served our country with honor and courage in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, our servicewomen are denied coverage for abortion even if they're raped. We have an obligation to provide military women with the care their service to our country demands. Women in the military deserve better care. Period."

Last week, the group released their first ad, "Honor," which features female veterans who have recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and are calling for the amendment's passage.

Stand With Servicewomen is working to reverse the abortion coverage ban by supporting the Shaheen Amendment, an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which would repeal the ban on abortion care coverage for servicewomen who have been raped. The amendment was adopted by the Senate Armed Services Committee in a bipartisan vote earlier this year.

by Steve Hall    Jun-13-12   Click to Comment   
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