No, Seriously. An Underwater Nightclub is Really Cool!


Every time we hear that some amazing new nightclub is opening somewhere in some city and that it's destined to be the next biggest, best thing the nightclub the scene has ever seen, we can't help but envision all the hipsterific idiots and their bitchy girlfriends shouting at the bouncer demanding to be let in as if their life is going to somehow be change by the experience.

We chuckle at the, well, chuckleheads who somehow think they need sunglasses to see at night. We witness all the not so subtly self-conscious girls checking each other out to see who's wearing the tightest, shortest minidress that shows the most amount of cleavage. And we especially get a kick out of the photographers who are more concerned with how the gymnastically twirl their camera around while taking pictures rather than actually knowing how to properly use it.

So yea, when we heard some watch company had created an underwater nightclub to hype it's wares, we were, shall we say, not anticipating much. And, well, we didin't get much. Just a bunch of pretty people standing around underwater in their bathing suits while wearing underwater breathing gear and pretending to have a good time.

Here's the thing. People go to nightclubs for two reasons. To dance and to drink, neither of which, it seems, can be done in an underwater nightclub because, well, you can't hear the music and you can't drink when you have a big ass underwater breathing apparatus around your head.

But don't listen to us because it's all, "a cool and refreshing way to connect in a hot city...a private party with new depths of creativity."

by Steve Hall    Jun-11-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla