Sarah Silverman Offers to Get Romney Backer's Rocks Off


I never really thought of Sarah Silverman as being all that sexy but after watching her offer to "scissor" Vegas casino big wig and Romney backer Sheldon Adelson "wearing a bikini bottom through to fruition," my opinion may have changed a bit.

In a video (very likely NSFW), Silverman, who is a staunch Obama supporter, along with Barnacle Studios and the Jewish Council for Education and Research is urging Adelson to give the $100 million he has offered to Romney to Obama instead. And she's offering to get Adelson's rocks off if he agrees.

With just the right balance of demure, wit, humor and coyness, Silverman oozes sexuality with an alluring combination of aggressiveness and innocence. And then to top things off, she gets on the couch wearing just a bikini and demonstrates the act scissoring with a dog.

While it's unlikely Adelson will take Silverman up on her offer, he and the other 200,000 or so people who have seen the video will have plenty of fantasy fodder to last a few days. Scissored by Sarah Silverman! Good God that's hot!

by Steve Hall    Jul-17-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Political