Skyy Brings Beer Babes to Vodka


Long ago beer brands, for the most part, gave up using hot chicks to shill their brew. If you recall, we had the Coors Twins, the Miller Lite Catfight girls, the classy Heineken beer babes, the burping and farting Troegs beer babe, the Skinny Blond skinny blonds and so many more.

But no more. The trend ended and, for the most part, beer brands cleaned up their act and went in different directions. Of course, this being advertising, most humans having an addiction to sex and many creative types far too stunted to get their minds out of the gutter, hot babes with big tits in bikinis and miniskirts will, forever, have their place in the world of advertising.

Perhaps taking a note from Zarco Tequila who convinced us its spirits are concocted by hot women in sexy lab coats, Skyy, in its first ever TV effort, would like us to believe an army of fetching lasses is all it takes to host a vodka-fueled party.

Created by Lambesis and DIgital Domain, the spot is quite epic in its fancification of the spirit. Complete with miniskirted server girls and high heeled ice pumpers, Skyy vodka certainly does put on one hell of a party.

Breaking today, ads will air on E!, Comedy Central, TBS, ESPN and Bravo. The ad will also appear on Hulu, Facebook and YouTube.

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Racy