18 Again Makes Women Feel Like A Virgin


A campaign from Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Ultratech for 18 Again cream, which promises to tighten a woman's vagina making here "feel like a virgin again," is causing a bit of controversy. On the one hand, it's said to empower women making them feel youthful. On the other hand, its said the product reinforces the fact premarital sex is still seen as taboo and the patriarchal viewpoint that all men want a virgin on their wedding night.

Partially favoring the product, gynecologist Dr. Mahinda Watsa said, "Being a virgin is still prized, and I don't think attitudes will change in this century. Women write to me and say, what do I do? I've had sex with other people but how do I convince people that I'm a virgin?"

Speaking out against the product, National Federation of Indian Women spokesperson Annie Raja said, "This kind of cream is utter nonsense and could give some women an inferiority complex."

The ad, itself, is quite goofy and is filled with every sentiment you'd expect in a situation like this; a happy husband (because, of course, all men desire an "untarnished" virgin) and disapproving parants (because, of course, all older people are sticklers for tradition and cultural mores.)

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy, Strange