How to Develop A Winning Mobile Strategy


According to Nielsenwire, in 2011, shipments of smartphones surpassed shipments of PCs and by early 2012, about 50 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers owned a smartphone, accounting for more than 100 million units.

The growing mobile market presents unprecedented opportunities for marketers. According to Statcounter, since January 2009, web traffic originating from mobile phones has doubled every year - accounting for 11.09 percent of global access by mid 2012. In the US, 69 percent of mobile users access the internet on their phones daily, with 46 percent of smartphone owners going online several times a day.

Tablet web usage is also growing rapidly, experiencing a 300 percent increase during 2011 alone. According to Adobe, "near-term developments in the tablet market will erode the advantages of PC browsing, causing consumers to shift more website visits from PCs to tablets."

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by Steve Hall    Aug-21-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Research