Ray-Ban Aims For Viral Success With Found Footage And Giant Bug


Found footage? Yawn. Paranormal Activity-like surprises? Yawn. Fear Factor-like scares? Yawn. Blair Witch Project-like adventure? Yawn.

Yes! It's another "viral" video. And we know it's viral because the production company told us so. Yup. it comes to us from Raconteur for Luxottica Group, otherwise known as Ray-Ban. Directed by William Campbell and Wil Johnson of Gentleman Scholar, the video tells the story of a couple who enters and old, rundown home (naturally) and stumbles upon a giant cocoon.

Well of course a giant bug emerges from the cocoon and scares the shit out of the couple. This being a commercial and not an actual horror flick, things don't turn out so badly. The ugly bug that emerges from the cocoon ultimately transforms into a rather beautiful looking butterfly that then flys away.

This being a bit of a shocker-fueled viral, it can't end before a whole bunch of cocoons drop from the ceiling just before (naturally) the camera drops to the floor and turns off.

To be fair, Campbell and Johnson sought to strike a balance between "believable and wonderful" in the spot. To make it more interesting, the directors had the couple speaking in a language that wouldn't be easily recognizable. They tell us they found a couple who not only had on-screen chemistry but spoke Russian fluently.

And regarding the bug, they wanted to make sure that the it had scare factor but could still be grounded in reality.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-12   Click to Comment   
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