Integrated Advertising Redefined for the Social Media Era


They had us until they mentioned Lovemark. OK, that said, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv is out with a video that takes a look at integrated advertising as it was in the days of Mad Men and redefines if for the social media age.

While the video is concise, explanatory and makes a lot of sense, it's purpose is to tout what, apparently, is a new position inside Saatchi that aims to set itself apart from the herd, the Brand Navigator. The Brand Navigator is essentially an agency version of the client-side marketing director.

BR Saatchi defines the Brand Navigator saying, "Because the big idea combines a number of tools that are sometimes operated by different professionals such as app developers, public relations, social media and others, it's important that the ad agency lead the process from start to finish making sure everything is done using the same language and that every channel really serves the big idea and [this person] analyzes the effectiveness of each tool during and after the campaign."

Of course, any good account supervisor or director inside an ad agency should already be doing this. Slapping a fancy new name on something won't necessarly solve anything. But that's what agencies do. That's what agencies are famous for. And, really. when you think about it, it's their job; to slap a shiny new label on something so a buyer (in this case, a potential client) will buy.

So can we really blame Saatchi for coming up with yet another piece of puffery? After all, they're just doing their job.

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies