Toshiba and Intel's 'The Beauty Inside' Explores True Love


Have you watched The Beauty Inside? It's one of the best examples of branded content ever. The story is deep, wide and intoxicatingly engaging. Over six episodes, we follow the life of a man, Alex, who looks different each day. And he's falling in love with the same woman who, of course, doesn't know he's the same man inside.

Alex keeps a journal of himself each day documenting his different personas. He's always alone because, well, it's not easy creating a lasting relationship with a person who looks different everyday...even if they are the same person inside.

Day after day, he would visit the antique furniture store where the love of his life, Leah, works. Sometimes as a man. Sometimes as a woman. Always trying to get closer. Sadly, he would come to the same conclusion each day. "I would see her again. But she would never see me."

But, when love strikes, persistence becomes natural behavior.

True love is blind. That's the lesson here. But how many people actually experience true love? How many people could fall in love and live with a person that looks different each day?

Created by Pereira & O'Dell and directed by Drake Doremus, the six part series, sadly, concluded yesterday.

The initial trailer was the #1 viral video for the week of July 30 - beating out Olympic campaigns such as Visa Go World - and was the #4 top brand in video for the month of August 2012 as well as topping the charts again as the #1 viral video the week of September 10 and again during the week of September 17.

As part of a lead up promotion, a total of 39 Alex(s) were cast from fans all over the world including Japan, France, German, Italy, Philippines, Canada and Spain. As of September 18, the film has received over 45MM views, 90,547 likes on Facebook and over 400 original articles in the press.

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