15 Steps Towards Profitable Content Marketing


Content marketing, the strategy du jour and yet another name for blogging, is said to attract customers, build trust and bring visibility to your brand for minimal expense.

But what exactly is content marketing, why would you want to do it and how would you start? Glad you asked. Vocus enlisted four of the biggest content experts out there - Joe Chernov, Scott Stratten, Ann Handley and Adam Singer - to write an expert guide containing 15 great tips to get your content motor started!

In the guide, you will learn:

  • How to make content that really appeals to customers
  • How and where to publish it, so it gets found by more people
  • How to pick the best stories to tell to get people interested
  • How it's easy to get your colleagues creating great content too!>/li>
  • Content marketing done well is worth its weight in gold.
Download the report now to learn how content marketing can work for your brand.

by Steve Hall    Oct-30-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research