7 Steps to Becoming A Social Business


So by now all of you have your outward facing social media programs in full swing, right? But what about your own agency or brand? What about internalizing everything you've been preaching? What about becoming a social business?

Recent research from McKinsey Global Institute estimates that social networking could potentially contribute between $900 billion and $1.3 trillion in annual value in just four industry sectors, and that two thirds of this value lies inside the company, not on consumer or personal social networks. More specifically, the McKinsey study found that companies using social technologies realized measurable benefits such as:

- 25% less time spent on emails
- 35% less time searching for information
- 20-25% improvement in knowledge worker productivity

Sound good? Of course it does. Download this free whitepaper from Clearvale and find out how you, too, can achieve these numbers.

by Steve Hall    Oct-31-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research