Megan Fox Leaves Booty at Home in Brainy Acer Ad


Seemingly uninterested in the prospect of playing yet another hottie with a hot body - this time a character who wears her underwear in space - Megan Fox has higher aspirations; marine Biology and the invention of a technology with which to speak to dolphins.

Yes, as a follow up to the brand's wacky outing with Kiefer Sutherland, Acer is out with another Mother London-created spectacle which focuses on Fox's desire to become a "brilliant" scientist with, of course, help from Acer's Aspire S7 laptop.

In the ad, Fox teams with a group of entranced scientists (one in particular) who help her develop speech recognition software that enables communication with dolphins. Over the course of 103 days of hard work and a bit of Tolstoy, the team finally finds success.

We suppose it's an inevitable move for a woman who has always been seen and labeled as a sex object all her adult life. and a fitting on as she heads towards parenthood. Still, we wouldn't seeing her get on an off a motorcycle wearing short shorts or leaning over a car engine in a miniskirt and crop top from time to time.

by Steve Hall    Oct-30-12   Click to Comment   
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