Fiat Gets Down With Its (Super) Bad Self


Doner and Superfad are out with new work that aims to help Fiat owners understand the customizability of the 500 model. The spot features two of the custom Fiat 500s, The Beach Cruiser and The Café Racer, unveiled recently at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Of the work, Superbad ACD Jason Cook said, "The spot is a visual stream of consciousness that takes the viewer through the inspiration and conceptualization of the new Fiat 500s. We reconceived the recognizable elements of the car into something surreal and surprising. On the surf car, for example, the wheels became jellyfish and the headlights became a school of fish."

Süperfad developed different 3D rendering styles of the cars for each environment. Toon shaded line art was used for the Beach Cruiser model and a high contrast graphic chrome look was used for the Café Racer. And to transition from the 3D models of the cars to the real photos, they utilized a graphic flat look to the cars to create enough contrast.

Check out the finished work below:

by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-12   Click to Comment   
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