Your Website Could be Losing You Millions of Dollars


The internet was supposed to solve everything, right? Brands could direct all their customers to the web where every last query could be answered without need for expensive human customer support. Sadly, that isn't always the case.

Customers associate the Internet with speed and convenience. They expect to visit a brand's website, find what they're looking for and purchase the product just moments later. This is the expectation. But what happens when a your brand's website fails to provide an efficient customer experience?

According to a survey in the Forrester Report entitled "Websites That Don't Support Customers Waste Millions," the results could cause your business significant loss. When customers can't find what they need online, they resort to other channels:

- About 75% use a more expensive channel (typically a company's customer phone service) to complete the sale or product research.
- 17% took their business elsewhere to competitors.
- 11% gave up on the shopping experience entirely.

Download this report now and arm yourself with the facts you need to support they budget you need to insure your website isn't losing millions and hemorrhaging customers to your competition.

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research