Century 21 Serves Life-Stage Housing Needs in Super Bowl Ads


In a departure from last year's celebrity-fueled silliness, Century 21 will return to the Super Bowl this year with four commercials that address the housing needs of people in various stages of life. Of course, this being the Super Bowl they do contain humor. But not humor for humor's sake.

Each ad addresses the needs of those in a certain life stage. From a just married couple to an expecting couple to an empty nester couple to the not-so-common recent lottery winning couple, the ads humorously identify with people changing needs throughout life.

The ads, created by Red Tettemer + Partners, use the "is there a doctor in the house" concept but the call is, instead, for a Century 21 agent in the house. And, of course, just like on TV and in the movies, there's always a doctor...uh...a Century 21 agent in the house.

We like the approach and how it resonates with the individual housing needs of those in various stages of life. We think viewers will identify with and, perhaps, even remember their own various life-stage scenarious akin to what is presented in the ads. And there's nothing better than an ad the evokes a "Honey, remember when..." thought.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2013