Confess Your Creative Sins With 'The Creative Confessional'


If you've worked in advertising for longer than, well, a day, you have sins to confess. And what better place to confess your sins than on The Creative Confessional. Not only will you be able to rid your mind of your sins but you will also be able to commiserate with a brotherhood of other creative sinners. You can also vote to absolve or condemn your fellow sinners. Some recent confessions include

"I can't call myself a writer anymore. I am just a content mill for brands I don't believe in, in an industry I find vacuous and unfulfilling."

"I always use Comic Sans for periods in EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DONE."

"I took a job out of desperation at a company that does shitty work that I don't believe in and that I am embarrassed to work at. It was supposed to be temporary but I've stayed for 7 years. I am as dead inside as the zombies I work with. My current portfolio and my reputation are a disgrace. At the end of the day I wonder if my life has any meaning, but then I remember that I can feed my family and pay the mortgage this month."

"Sometimes I agree that the starburst needs to be bigger."

"I haven't checked the voicemail on my work phone once in the last five years."

"Helvetica makes me horny."

"My shitty ads are making Americans fatter."

"I don't believe in finding truths. I believe in finding very attractive lies."

"I created the Bob's Furniture ads."

"I am a CD and partner making almost 100k a year at a boutique shop. I'm 23 and have no idea what I'm doing."

There are hundreds to check out.

by Steve Hall    Jan-17-13   Click to Comment   
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