Hyundai Says It's Better to be in Front in First of Two Super Bowl Ads


We've all been stuck behind something we'd rather not be stuck behind on the road at one time or another. Whether it be a smelly car or, well, a smelly motorcycle rider who thinks he's hot but is the furthest thing from it, the road can serve up a few oddities from time to time.

Hyundai taps into that notion in the first of two Super Bowl commercial created by Innocean. In the ad, Stuck, a couple navigates various "road hazards" such as drooling dogs, truckloads of fireworks and a giant butt. Stuck will air during the second quarter.

A second ad, Team, will air during the first quarter and will show a boy whose mother helps him gather together some friends to battle some mean boys who have challenged him to a game of football. This ad is expected to hit YouTube later this week.

In addition to the two :30's, a :60 and two additional :30's will air in pre-game.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2013