MTV's Wrist Slapped For Airing Racy 'The Valleys' Ad


Much of what we see on reality shows is a sad representation of the human race, or at minimum, the sliver who doesn't mind their inner most idiocy broadcast to the world. MTV's The Valleys is no exception. But we're not here to debate the finer points of reality TV programming. We're here to share with you an MTV UK ad promoting the network's The Valleys.

The ad has been lambasted by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority which said, "Many of the interactions between individuals at the party were depicted with a sexual element and we considered that the overall tone of the ad was sexual."

Indeed, the ad is filled with sexually-charged content such as a women juggling (flexing) her breasts, a girl grabbing her naked ass, a buy motorboating a girl's breasts, two girls riding a stuffed sheep and a woman licking a guy's nipples.

The ASA hasn't banned the ad but they were not pleased with Clearcast which is responsible for approving ads for broadcast and claimed the ad would not be shown in children's programming. Additionally, the ASA has informed MTV the ad should not air prior to 7:30PM.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 9-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Policy, Racy, Television