Nina Agdal Serves Up Sexy Super Bowl Delight For Carl's Jr.


While watching the Super Bowl back in the day, we could expect several brands to serve up a delicious selection of scantily-clad women hocking beer, domain registration, energy drinks, lingerie and even water. Today, relatively few brands play the sex-sells card any more but thanks to Carl's Jr., the approach isn't quite dead.

The brand's game day commercial, created by 72andSunny, features Danish model Nina Agdal tanning on the beach and getting intimate with Carl's Jr.'s new charbroiled Atlantic Cod fish sandwich. During the spot, the camera treats us to shots of Agdal's boobs and butt before she sits down on her towel to eat the sandwich....which sounds like she's biting into a styrafoam cup. Seriously. That is the most unappetizing sound we have ever heard.

The seemingly multi-talented Agdal then removes her top while still eating the massive sandwich to multi-task a tan and feed herself all at once. She is then approached by a sunburned goober who utters, "Nice sandwich," before the announcer says, you guessed it, "Sometimes you don't want to get fried."

Be sure to check out the director's cut below. It's an eyegasm of salaciously gratuitous shots of Agdal opening her legs, cupping her breasts with a hand bra, untying her top, spraying suntan lotion on herself and, generally, making you want to jump through your television to have sex with her. Needless to say, this version won't be airing during the Super Bowl.

And here's the director's cutl:

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-13   Click to Comment   
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