To Adrants Readers Who Use Google Reader


As you may have heard, Google will shut down Reader on July 1. Yes, you heard that right. If you use Google Reader to read Adrants (or any other site for that matter), you will need to find another way to consume our content. Never fear. We have suggestions.

Our first suggestions may seem old fashioned but sometimes old and reliable trumps new and shiny. Subscribe to our email newsletter. Yes, remember email? Quaint, right? But here's the thing about email? Email is a direct connection between you (the reader) and Adrants (the publisher). As long as Adrants lives, there will always be an email newsletter

With email, there is no reliance on a third party service to deliver your content. We create it. We send it to you. It's that simple. So subscribe now. No, seriously. Do it right now. Before you forget and wake up one day wondering where all that awesome Adrants content went.

Having said that, there are Reader alternatives. The most popular alternative making the rounds to day is Feedly. With Feedly, you can automatically connect to Google Reader and pull in all your feeds. Once Google shuts down, Feedly is promising to migrate everything you need over to its service.

Another option is Digg. Just one day after Google announced the end of Reader, news aggregator Digg has promised to build a new reader. And they're looking for your input. So head over to their announcement blog post and check out the details.

But, again, Feedly and Digg are third party services. In fact, not too long ago, Digg almost disappeared so you milage will vary. Want a direct connection to Adrants (or to any publisher)? consider subscribing to out good old fashioned email newsletter.

by Steve Hall    Mar-18-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Announcements