Coke Borrows From Disney's Fantasmic For Dublin Water Projection


Stealing an idea from Disney's Hollywood Studios Fantasmic water show projection (or whomever did it before them), Coke created its own water show projection at Dublin's Grand Canal dock last Friday to kick off their summer campaign.

People from around Ireland were prompted to share a coke with someone via Twitter and then have that converted to an aquatic message using a water projection.

As part of Coca-Cola's largest summer campaign to date, the 20 meter high and 40 meter wide water projection touted the launch of Share a Coke in Ireland, a campaign where the brand's 'Coca-Cola' script typography is replaced with the top 150 names in Ireland on 500ml bottles and sold in stores across the country.

Check out the video below.

by Steve Hall    May-16-13   Click to Comment   
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