Does Objectifying Women For A Good Cause Make It OK?


Three models, Olcay Gulsen, Tess Milne and Anna Nooshin have lent their gams and bootys to Stop Aids Now for a campaign created by Achtung!

On a site which is painfully slow to load, you can admire these three women's legs from high-heeled feet to mini-skirted ass. It's all about...ahem...raising awareness of women in Africa affected by HIV. The deal is you stare -- because staring is caring -- until you are so tantalized that you can't take it any longer and you whip out your -- no, not that -- wallet to buy the skirt the three ladies are wearing, proceeds of which go to the cause.

But you really don't care about that. You just want to buy the skirt, give it to the girl of your dreams, have her model it while you stare at her and, yes, care for yourself.

If you don't want to buy the skirt, you can just share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook the fact you're a pervert staring at women's order to see more ass. But all you'll see is more of the skirt. Which, hey, if you don't have a girl, can't get one, but, after all that staring, have reached the point where, well, you just need to...ahem...finish and get back to work then by all means, feel free to share.

by Steve Hall    May-30-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cause, Racy