Fake Energy Drink Promotes Ibiza Nightclub Party


When you first begin watching this promotional video for Matinee, an epic party held at famed Ibiza nightclub Amnesia, you aren't really quite sure what's happening. At first, it appears you are watching a video game promo. Then it appears you are watching an ad for the energy drink, Ibizious. Then, when the scene zooms out and you realize everything you have just seen occurred inside the shorts of some hot chick, you just toss your hands up and go along for the ride.

Once you're outside the hot chick's pants, the whole things becomes an epic ode to the 90's complete with Thriller's zombie dancers, guys in muscle shirts, girls in high waisted shorts, all fueled by pulse pounding electronica.

The metaphor, of course, is that the Ibizious is like a nightclub in a can. Or that going to Matinee is like downing a case of Ibizious. Or some thing like that.

This is the third such annual video the club has produced for the event. 2012's video has been viewed 9.5 million times on YouTube and the 2011 promo has been viewed just over 500,000 times.

Amnesia, founded in 1976, is a club on the Spanish island of Ibiza which rose to fame in the early nineties when Ibiza became the world's nightclub and party mecca.

While the video promotes a single event at Amnesia, the brand also aims to franchise its brand of partying to other locations around the globe.

Of the nineties theme, 90s Island author Marty Beckman said, "After a decade of war and economic anxiety, people are ready for DayGlo optimism again. People associate the '90s aesthetic with a happier, wackier, stabler time. People are just tired of being depressed about everything, and the '90s are the last time we collectively remember not feeling that way."

2012 promo:

2011 promo:

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