Forget Preachy PSAs, Agency Discovers How to Actually Stop Drunk Driving


PSA campaigns have traditionally relied upon scare tactics to make their point. But for many young people who feel they are invincible, this approach rarely works. So how do you get young people to listen -- and in the case of Don't Drink and Drive efforts -- actually insure people do not drive drunk? You literally stop them. As in, like literally.

And that's exactly what Publicis Brussels did for Belgium-based Responsible Young Drivers. On the weekend of of its 22nd anniversary at Belgium's most famous nightclub, Carre, the agency worked with B Park engineers to create a parking lot gate that would only open if a car's driver passed a breathalizer test.

While this was a one-off event and 90% of club goers were sober enough to leave the parking lot, the organization plans to roll this effort out across other venues in the future. Hmm, pretty soon there will be a healthy business for pop up hotels around nightclubs.

by Steve Hall    May-22-13   Click to Comment   
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