How Many Cars Has VW Destroyed to Make Its Ads?


This new Deutsch LA-created ad for the Volkswagon Passat will lull you into tranquility with its smooth montage of a man getting ready to go to work. He wakes up, kisses his wife, checks in on his son, carries him down the stairs, feeds him breakfast and then heads out to to his driveway where his Passat is parked.

And then...

All set to the tune of Lucky Man by Jim James of My Morning Jacket. The ad touts the vehicle;s top safety pick by the IIHS.

The was directed by Matthijs van Heijningen, who gave us the talking bear rug in "The Bear," the award-winning ad for France's Canal Plus.

Hey, didin't CP+B do this crash stuff before for VW?

by Steve Hall    May-16-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials